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Τύπος: Ανταλλαγή
Κατάσταση: Λειτουργική
Περιοχή: Νησιά Αιγαίου
Πόλη: Ρόδος



Απειρες δυνατοτητες!!!!!!!

This keyboard is an OPEN Technology keyboard powered by Linux and
Lionstracs OS. The benefits of it are that it gives you all the power of
a DAW, but with all the integration of a normal workstation keyboard.

Run your favourite VSTi's and hot swap in real time between complete sets of them with 10 VST HOSTS.

By default just powering it on you have Linux Sampler running and fully integrated to stream a vast library of Giga Files.

Large Touch Screen, Video/Audio Players, DJ Functions, and soooo much more.

It's a mighty powerful keyboard that has near next to no limitations as you can install new software on it any time

is minst condition , 4 GB memory , 180 GB Hard drive , cd burner instaled......

ΓΙΩΡΓΟΣ 6994480105,2241061255

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