Jordan 6000 Creator Sustainer pedal big Muff Russian...

Από 23/4/2019 | Εμφανίσεις: 664 | Α/Α: #360190
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Είδος εφέ: Distortion & Fuzz
Τύπος: Προσφορά
Κατάσταση: Καινούργιο - Σφραγισμένο
Περιοχή: Αττική
Πόλη: Αθήνα

Jordan Creator 6000 Russian Edition

This pedal is exactly the legend "Jordan Creator 6000".
Rebuilt again exactly like the vintage "Jordan Creator 6000" pedal with NOS parts from Soviet Union.
No chinese parts Inside!!!! No SMD!!!

Super Limited Edition and the reason is the Vintage Russian Parts!!!!

It's 100% Handmade & Hand wired point to point!

The sound is very unique fuzz!

Some Infos about "Jordan Creator 6000":

Basically early 70’s BMP clone that has some unusual component values. Few sources on-line reports that this unit sound quite unique to classic Big Muffs. Sound of this unit is often described as somewhere between a Big Muff and an early ProCo Rat, angry fuzz/OD hybrid, but a lot smoother than older brothers. Originally build into foot controlled wah-wah enclosure where you can set the volume by foot.

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