Yamaha PSS 20 Portasound squarewave keyboard

Από 13/6/2018 | Εμφανίσεις: 90 | Α/Α: #384759
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Τύπος: Προσφορά
Κατηγορία: Organ
Κατάσταση: Πολύ Καλή
Περιοχή: Αττική
Πόλη: Αθήνα
Παράδοση: Κατόπιν συνεννόησης

Aπο το 1989. Διαθετει τα παρακατω χαρακτηριστικα σε πολυ καλη κατασταση πληρως λειτουργικο.


32 mini keys
8 quasi OBS preset sounds {sax, violin, oboe, clarinet, piano, vibes, banjo, marimba}
8 quasi OBS preset rhythms {8beat, 16beat, 12beat, swing, tango, samba, march, waltz}
all functions selected through keyboard keys
volume control (4 steps; low ones distort lousy because they steal D/A converter bits)
vibrato and sustain
transpose (-6..+5 semitones)
monophonic arpeggio accompaniment The accompaniment can NOT be used together with melody play, but only instead. All 8 sounds can be used for it.
main voice is based on multipulse squarewaves with complex digital envelopes those have audible zipper noise.
percussion made from 4 unique electronic sounds {2 hihats (very grainy metallic), squarewave drum, click (base drum)}
pitch recognition audiogame
simple sequencer (record, playback, no edit)
CPU "YM7108, 91 17 67 C" (18 pin DIL)
6 demo melodies
the pitch of this crystal clocked instrument is unfortunately quite detuned.

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