M-Audio ProKeys Sono 88 Keyboard/ Πτώση τιμής!

Από 13/2/2019 | Εμφανίσεις: 412 | Α/Α: #402155
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Κατηγορία: Controller - MIDI Keyboard
Τύπος: Προσφορά
Κατάσταση: Άριστη
Περιοχή: Αττική
Πόλη: Αθήνα
Παράδοση: Κατόπιν συνεννόησης

The ProKeys Sono 88 Portable Digital Piano from M-Audio is ideal for writing, performing and recording. The keyboard features 88 semi-weighted velocity sensitive keys for great feel and expression while playing. Seven high-quality sounds including grand, bright, and electronic pianos plus clavinet and organ are built into this portable keyboard with 128 sounds from a general MIDI sound set also included. Listen immediately to your music with the on-board 2-in, 2-out audio interface. Record live vocals or instruments direct to your DAW

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