Boss MT-2W Metal Zone

Από 16/4/2019 | Εμφανίσεις: 208 | Α/Α: #409980
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Είδος εφέ: Distortion & Fuzz
Τύπος: Προσφορά
Κατάσταση: Άριστη
Περιοχή: Αττική
Πόλη: Καλλιθέα
Παράδοση: Χέρι με χέρι

Effect Pedal for Electric Guitar
Waza series
Analog distortion
For guitarists looking for the sound of a fully wound stack
2 Levels of gain guarantee enough distortion and sustain, rich bass and assertive mids
Standard mode with improved MT-2 sound with more clarity and less noise
Custom mode for more high gain with even wider sound, dynamics and bass
3-Band equalization
Premium buffer for bypass
Compact, very robust construction
Battery and power supply operation possible (not included)
Dimensions: 129 x 73 x 39 mm
Weight: 450 g
Made in Japan

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